A Hybrid Stool:
Identity in an Intricate Present

Image of a man sitting on a blue stool

Photography: courtesy of the artist 

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, designer Gabriele Lorusso (he/him) had to take the life he made in London and move back to a rural part of Italy. While noticing the hybridity of working in nature, but being surrounded by technology, he took a milking stool, typically found in rural areas, and fused it with the embodiment of the modern era, a smartphone, to create the Hybrid Stool, which looks at our identity in an intricate present.

Gabriele Lorusso 


Gabriele Lorusso is a designer currently based in Italy that moves in different areas of design practice, from product design, to design narration and experimentation. His main interests are artefacts and the human-object relationship, with a special interest in how material things shape humans and vice versa. In his works, the artefacts become the means for narrating this relationship, in a process that often goes backwards, starting from the narration and ending with the design of the artefacts.