Confessions of
a Former

A young girl dressed as a cowboy

Photography: courtesy of the artist

Maya Jagger was home-schooled from a young age and felt like she was an outsider within the system. With all the stigma associated to home-schooling, she reflects on the analogy of what's happened during lockdown. While growing up she rarely came into contact with other home schooled young people and speaks openly about the lack of provision that is designed within mainstream education, highlighting that individual needs are not met and withholding resources can lead to lack of accessibility and development for the child.

Maya Jagger


Maya Jagger is 21 years old and is studying BA (Hons) Visual Communication at Leeds Arts University. She specialises in freelance documentary filmmaking, photography and illustration. She was formerly homeschooled by her mum, a single parent, for 10 years before she started further education. When she was little she moved to York and started school. During her first week, she begged her mum to leave primary school. After learning it wasn’t illegal to be homeschooled, and getting nowhere with communicating with the school, her mum quit her job in graphic design and unintentionally taught her full time, until she was old enough to lead the learning herself, from then on she mostly became Unschooled.