Department for Inclusive Education

A collection of sex-ed tools in an orange box

Photography: Tom Mannion

Creator and Editor of incl., Jack Newbury, talks openly about his experience of his one and only sex-ed lesson in secondary school and how it empowered him to challenge the pre-existing heteronormative infrastructures already in place in our PSHE education. During his masters at Central Saint Martins, Jack created the Inclusive Sexual Education Kit, the UK's first inclusive sex-ed kit, comprising of literature, videos, games and demonstration models. The kit promotes topics which are often overlooked such as masturbation, pleasure and consent to ensure healthy and lifelong learning for the next generation of students.

Jack Newbury


Jack Newbury is a London-based designer that develops socially-engaged outcomes through a combination of research, design and production. With a strong focus on research, Jack loves to employ the engagement of colour and how this can be integrated into our design thinking. His practice challenges different systems of infrastructure within social sciences to develop critical projects regarding education, equality and legislation. Jack has exhibited his work at major design events across Europe and has been asked to speak at numerous conferences and online lectures regarding inclusive design.