Do you noo noo?

Image of two pregnant women

Photography: Ana Cuba

Sophie Whippy recounts her experience of noticing her body in primary school and the awkward memories of learning about the birds and the bees from her teacher, which didn't prepare her for puberty, relationships or sexual encounters. She discusses the provision of sexual education in secondary schools and demystifies the terminology around vulvas, vaginas and uteruses based on her experiences as a birthing doula, to challenge the status quo by talking openly about our anatomy.

Sophie Whippy


Sophie Whippy is a birth doula, educator and sexual education teacher. Through her company Nave she supports pregnant people emotionally and practically, and provides education for them to make informed and empowered choices. As a doula she attends labours and works with people in the postpartum period too. She also volunteers for Doulas Without Borders, an organisation that provides voluntary doula support to pregnant people experiencing hardships or survivors of trauma. When she isn’t attending a birth, Sophie teaches Sexual Education to primary and secondary aged children. Passionate about giving people the confidence to take ownership and pride over their bodies, Sophie’s approach in both the birth and sex-ed worlds, is to be informative and clear. Sophie also runs an education platform called Real Talk, that holds bi-monthly lectures with experts across all fields surrounding women’s health. Be it spiritual, sexual, emotional, or physical, we talk about the lot.