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Lecturer and activist, Christina Paine, talks about her experience of inequality during her career and why she believes it is important to campaign and raise awareness of minority groups in educational institutions. She is a strong advocate for improving equality in education and speaks about challenging governmental infrastructures and the types of barriers that are faced by BAME groups, women, and people with disabilities in education, and what we can do to address this as a society.


You can watch the interview here.


~Interview conducted by Jemma Queenborough

Christina Paine


Christina is an Educator and Activist, completing her PhD in Feminist Musicology at Royal Holloway. Christina has been a University and College Union Activist for the past 10 years. Currently standing as the Branch Chair representing London Metropolitan University UCU and the Chair of London Region HE. She became more involved within Activism, in order to tackle inequality within the workplace and society at large. Specifically the rights of casualised workers, women and the disabled, fitting within those categories herself. Christina implements equality within her teaching, recognising the potential transformation that can occur when equality is implemented within the arts. She believes the arts serve as an integral voice for the marginalised. Christina is also the Labour Party Branch Officer and an Activist on the Creative Leisure Industries panel.