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Illustration of a young black boy with a blue helmet and a wheelchair

Photography: courtesy of the author

Penny Syfornia Nwogwugwu is a UK-based Children's author who is heavily interested in themes of disability in children, evidenced in her book, There's a Wobble in my Head, a true representation and account of the daily experiences of her son who suffers with epilepsy. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story from his perspective and provides the reader with a unique insight into such a severe illness, and aids as a tool to help children understand how it feels to live with a disability.

Penny Syfornia Nwogwugwu


Penny Syfornia Nwogwugwu is a Trinidadian- born Children’s book author living in the UK. She has an MA in Children Literature and provides education consultancy to parents who want their children to access Independent education in the UK. She also provides 1:1 coaching and tutoring for 11+ and 13+ exams. She is particularly interested in the theme of disability in children and has recently published a children’s picture book, called There’s a Wobble in my Head.