Exploring Feminist Theory & Feminist Architecture

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Our Research & Design Editor, Jessie Buckle, is a recently qualified Part 1 Architect from RIBA, and in her experience of studying architecture, a male-orientated industry, she explores feminist theory and feminist architecture. Through an investigational lens, she discusses how the exploring of feminist architecture depicts the relationship between feminist methodologies and design approaches which impact our understanding and connection with architecture.

Jessie Buckle 


Jessie Buckle is a recently qualified Part 1 Architect from the Royal Institute of British Architects, Architectural Writer, Designer and PhD Assistant. She has been working with the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation in New York by completing important archival research on Pioneering Women of American Architecture. Jessie is passionate about academia and will be studying MA Architectural History at UCL, The Bartlett School of Architecture in 2021. In her practice, Jessie looks to combine inclusive theoretical and design practice, whilst devising cracks in the glass ceiling.