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Faith and

Two men wearing sun glasses, both in black NHS tops and wearing rainbow lanyards, standing in front of a brick building

Image courtesy of the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust (LAS)

Zak poses the ongoing question, will faith and LGBTQ+ ever get along? He discusses his personal experience about his chosen LGBTQ+ family, the challenges that we face growing up today and the leaders in religious groups that should often be responsible for achieving social cohesion. How do we use the term 'tolerance' in society? Why should we settle for just being tolerated? Every LGBTQ+ person should have the same opportunity to flourish and embrace their faith if they choose to do so.

A young man wearing glasses and a black top in a blue room

Zak Borini


Zak Borini is 21 years old and living in London studying to be a Paramedic with a keen passion for writing and LGBT activism. He is also an ambassador for Just Like Us, a LGBT+ young people’s charity that empowers young people to champion LGBT+ equality.



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