I [object] +
You [human]
= We

How can two creatives take an everyday object, create a piece of writing from the objects perspective and recreate it with no reference in any media? Created exclusively for incl., Pleun van Dijk and Michèle Degen investigate the intimate relationship between humans and their surrounding objects through a visual conversation where I + You becomes We.

Image of text representation of a phone charger

Pleun van Dijk


Pleun van Dijk is a speculative artist / designer in the middle of the moving and changing world. By observing and analysing moments of transition within society, she tries to generate new thoughts and show a different perspective. By taking new ideas out of the abstract and giving shape to possible future scenarios, she wants to give the viewer the possibility to anticipate new developments before they sneak up on us.



Michèle Degen


Michèle Degen is a Swiss Artist who plays with language and image. As a silent observer, she describes and documents daily situations and ordinary things. The findings are translated into visual outcomes revealing unexpected correlations. With her open-minded attitude and intuitive approach, she dares to question what seems obvious and searches beyond the visible. With her work, she asks for different values in today’s society and imagines how the world could look like tomorrow. Research, concept-creation, forecasting and writing are often used in her practice.