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Importance of Pride

A young woman in a garden, wearing a colour floral jacket, white crop top and rainbow pom-poms in her hair

May dressed up for Pride 2020, courtesy of May Jones

Pride has always been a big part of May's life, even growing up in Brighton, her mum would take her and her sister to the Pride parade. May talks about how the queer community is such a normal and welcome part of life in Brighton and how that was important while growing; noticing how normalised queer culture and queer people were. She discusses about her coming out experience, having accepting families and inclusive workplaces and educational settings to combat feelings of shame and experiences.

A young woman at a Pride festival wearing a gold sparkly top, glitter make up and flowers in her hair

May Jones


May Jones has an MA in Gender, Violence and Conflict from the University of Sussex where she took a particular interest in gender, disability and queer theory and the interesections of them all. She currently works with young people as a learning support assistant at a college in Brighton.


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