Issue #2 - Identity


Image of a set of objects in a tool kit

iel, Beyond the Gender Binary?

Carla Donati

Notes On - Objects of Desire: WIP

Pleun van Dijk

Image of a man wearing a hat

What do we talk about when we talk about Anxiety

- Marine Renaudineau

Image of a young chinese girl

The Shift: From Blindess Towards Light of Discrimination

- Paula Chang

Image of a man sitting on a blue stool

A Hybrid Stool: Identity in an Intricate Present

- Gabriele Lorusso


The 'Exotic Experience' 

- Lucy Rowan

Image of a nude man reclining

Retracing Eden; Ideal Beauties 

- Gabriel L. Gooch Blanco

Image of three people laying in bed

Three's A Crowd? Designing for a Polyamorous Future

- HIS, HIS & HERS Collective

Image of a quote

Exploring Feminist Theory & Feminist Architecture

- Jessie Buckle

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