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Conor McGivern shines a light on what it was actually like to transition overnight from being in school every day to working from home providing learning in a lockdown setting. He challenges society's perception of all teachers having an easy life during the pandemic, and puts this learning into perspective showing that all educators have provided innovative and engaging work for students while also arguing that learning in lockdown not only applies to students, but teachers as well.

Conor McGivern


Conor McGivern is a Primary School teacher currently working in Dalston with a passion in the use of language and linguistics. Before becoming a teacher, Conor studied Religious Studies at Bath Spa University and this led to a passion for promoting diversity and inclusivity in his classroom. Conor is dedicated to supporting all children within his practice, through innovative use of technology to assist children with special educational needs and by advocating for underrepresented groups through carefully selected core texts.