Meeting Everyone's Needs

Image of a collection of disability symbols

If you could put yourself in someone else's shoes that has an impairment, how would you think differently? Behavioural researcher Alex Cleator specialises in accessibility and explains how we can approach inclusive design from an accessibility point of view; the building blocks for ethical and equal design for everyone.

Alex Cleator


Alex Cleator is a behavioural researcher specialising in accessibility and inclusivity, currently at Snook having previously worked at Scope, the disability charity. Her work to date has given her experience of researching with the public in government roles and working on online advice for disabled people. The online advice required the development of research on relationships and sex education, sex tech, transport and built environment policy and mental health. In particular, her time with Scope UK and studying human-centred design at CSM has driven what she will discuss - the importance of talking openly and honestly about inclusive design practices.