My Disabilities Do Not Define Me

A young girl standing infront of a cement mixer

Photography: courtesy of the artist

Journalist Lucy Rowan joins us again for Issue #3 where she looks back at her own disabilities and personal experiences in school where she was branded as “naughty.” Now out of education, she hopes that her experience can help discuss how to empower more inclusive teaching practices for the next generation. She openly talks about how her teachers were not equipped with the appropriate knowledge and training to support a young person with learning difficulties but as she got older can now stand up and say, “my disabilities do not define me.”

Lucy Rowan


Lucy Rowan is an aspiring Journalist from South West London. She has a BA in Religion, Politics and Society and an MA-level certificate in Islam and Feminism. Typically, she enjoys writing about Religion, Politics and Culture, with a special focus on gender, race and social class inequalities. Besides what feels like an endless stream of freelance writing, she has recently kept herself busy with the launch of her podcast channel Lucy’s London. It’s been very taxing teaching herself audio production and editing alone but it has been a very rewarding experience. Lucy’s London is a podcast that aims to raise awareness about the underreported issues in British society. It does so through a Liberal lens and encourages positive social action, guiding listeners through the next steps they can take to get involved.


Lucy's London