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Never Stop
Being You

Three people walking down a road carring a large parade of colour pride balloons in different shapes and sizes

Broadway, Manhattan, New York, New York Pride 2018

Image courtesy of Ross Funnell

Someone once told Ross that his unapologetic attitude to living his most true life was the most inspiring thing they had ever seen and showed them that being young and queer and happy in yourself is possible. This year, he is spreading the message that you should never doubt who you should be; to put on that colourful t-shirt, cut your hair that crazy style, put on that lip gloss and be your most radiant self. Hold your head up high and know that you could also be that one person to inspire someone to do the same - they may not tell you, but it does not matter, because you are being who you are and living your truest life, will inspire others to do the same. Embrace and love yourself, and show that to others, no one will ever take that away from you!

A young man wearing a colour rainbow patterned top with fringe on the arms in front of the sea

Marcela Baltarete


Ross Funnell is a 27-year-old gay guy from Brighton, currently living in Hove. He is a transport planner, in which he gets to geek out over producing assessments in how to improve road networks, making them safer and more sustainable. In his free time, he likes to socialise, exercise and most importantly dance. He is all about self-esteem and loving the person you were born to be.


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