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Playfulness and Tenderness

Cartoon flower ceramic with a green stem and white face bending over, on a yellow background

Little Flower ceramic, courtesy of Scotty Gillespie

Illustrator and ceramicist Scotty talks about his experience of Pride growing up and what led them to designing such uplifting, bright and optimistic work. Their works reflect on their personality, and Scotty talks about how this work often gets automatically coded as queer or gay which is great as it's their work, but often comes back to themes of tenderness and playfulness while representing characters that are accessible and gender neutral.

A person with a ginger beard, wearing a black hat and blue top, standing in front of a colourful painted mural

Scotty Gillespie 


Scotty Gillespie is an illustrator and ceramicist based in Exeter, Devon. His work usually consists of bright optimistic imagery and gravitates towards themes of inclusivity, playfulness and tenderness. He likes to think of illustration as a space to play and communicate ideas. His main focus is to make people smile...that's corny but there you go.


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