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A digital anatomy of a see-through face with a green stripes flowing through the eyes from one side to other

MARCEL/A - A journey of digital introspection and relief - Part 2 (Still)

Image courtesy of Marcela Baltarete

Situated at the intersection of postgenderism and transhumanism, Marcela works with poetic and instinctive 3D rendered animations as well as stills which are informed by their own experiences of gender dysphoria, depression and chronic illness. By using digital re-embodiment and re-worlding, they can take a safe distance from their real body while having complete control over their digital one, allowing them to explore their identity free from physical, mental or societal constraints. MARCEL/A - A journey of digital introspection and relief creates multiple variations of themself as an enhanced and evolved digital being, while portraying the idea of rejection and acceptance through the animated extrusions that signify the body’s discomfort.

Portrait of Marcela Baltarete with a short beard and overlaid with colour digital stripes of a body and face

Marcela Baltarete


London-based artist, Marcela Baltarete, works predominantly with 3D modelling and animation softwares as well as film editing software to create their short rendered 3D animation films while also incorporating VR and AR in the process of informing and developing their work. Originally they started exploring the human body's transformative capabilities through the manipulation of fabrics and materials with the help of sculptural laser cutting techniques as well as using 3D modelling software for generating patterns that would act as extensions of the body. Later, they moved entirely onto the digital space after becoming uncomfortable working with the physical human body, a discomfort that was triggered by their own feelings of gender dysphoria, depression and chronic illness, all of which informed the narrative of their current work.


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