Image of a man lifting up a black tshirt and a strap around his stomach

Photography: courtesy of the artist

Freddy discusses his journey to developing his ongoing research project Re(Sound), the future of hearing aids, reducing the stigma attached to wearing them and the ways to break down societal barriers. Noticing that current devices on the market don’t address speech recognition, he is undergoing a research study in collaboration with Brunel University to create a fully functioning device hidden under the clothes which translates languages into phonetic vibrations for the user. 


You can watch the interview here.


~Interview conducted by Jemma Queenborough

Freddy Billowes


With a Product Design degree from Brunel University and an eclectic nature, Freddy has a keen eye for combining conceptual and technical design with functional electronics. He has a love for materials, processes, experimentation and learning, trying to always incorporate these in his latest projects as much as he can. He likes to push the boundaries of the status quo, particularly with human centred design, a field in which he continues to develop his university work, coding a responsive speech translation device for the deaf. Alongside this, Freddy also works as a Design Engineer at ‘Particle Studio’, creating interactive products, sculptures and more.