Retracing Eden;
Ideal Beauties

Image of a nude man reclining

Photography: courtesy of the artist

Reflecting upon the "male gaze" as the notion of subject matter, artist & photographer Gabriel L. Gooch Blanco uses photographs as a way to trick the viewer into thinking of the body as female and thus revealing the workings of the "male gaze”. Through collage and solarisation techniques, he aims to challenge two-dimensional contemporary views and the categorisation of masculinity and femininity. 

Gabriel L. Gooch Blanco 


Gabriel is an artist/photographer currently based in Norwich who recently completed an MA at the University of Sussex over the summer period (Photography: History, Theory and Practice). He is currently exhibiting my project ‘Retracing Eden; Ideal Beauties’ at Brighton Photo Fringe 2020 until the 1st of November at the Phoenix Art Space, with Pachamama Collective. The collective was founded by himself and two other artists on the MA course (Sammi Drew and Charlotte Graham-Spouge). Prior to the MA, he did a BA in Fine Art from Aberystwyth University, UK.