The Disappearing Innocents of a
World in Crisis

Image of blue objects

Photography: courtesy of the artist

Photographer Sammi Drew questions the missing identity of farmed animals that are commodified and objectified purely for human consumption and usage. Her work ‘The Disappearing Innocents’ opens up the concept of life in this current system of society as being flooded and overwhelmed by the incredibly violent and damaging processes involved in the animal agriculture industry.

Sammi Drew 


Sammi Drew is a fine art portrait photographer and social and environmental photojournalist, working in London, Brighton and Eastbourne. She recently received a Distinction in her MA, ‘Photography: History, Theory and Practice’ at the University of Sussex, exploring and developing her passion for both Victorian photography and Surrealism. Blending these historic practices, her work delivers images and ideas that question conformity and highlight the value of looking into, as opposed to looking at, her subject matter. Using both digital studio portraiture and alternative processes such as the cyanotype, she focuses her work on an ecofeminist ethic of care; valuing the individual, nature and the environment.