The 'Exotic Experience'


Quote: courtesy of the artist

Writer Lucy Rowan educates us on the issue of exotification, its etymology, and the connotations it demonstrates through microaggressions that exclude women. Explaining the unflattering nature of the term, she outlines the problems associated with feminism and ethnicity, and why exotifying BAME women is far from a compliment.

Lucy Rowan 


Lucy is a writer and editor from South West London with a BA in Religion, Politics and Society from King’s College London, and an MA-level certificate in Islam and Feminism from Humboldt University, Berlin. She would consider herself a very politically minded individual and this certainly drives her journalism. She is always vocal about Human Rights and pushing for social justice. Protecting and supporting vulnerable members of society is integral to her political and editorial work. Through her writing, she seeks to represent and give a voice to the underrepresented.