The Shift:

From Blindness Towards Light of Discrimination

Image of a young chinese girl

Photography: courtesy of the artist

Paula Chang grew up as a Taiwanese person in Spain, and then moved to The Netherlands to study a masters at Design Academy Eindhoven, focusing her thesis on being an outsider in a foreign land. She discusses her experience of microagression, the notion of her identity, and the discrimination that sadly came with it.  

Paula Chang 


Paula is currently studying in Design Academy Eindhoven as a Critical Inquiry Lab master student. Her thesis is about being an outsider in the foreign land, about the way we see ourselves in an unfamiliar and sometimes even unwelcome environment. Her research focuses on her personal experience, a way of reaching out to others with similar encounters. She hopes the thesis, as well as this text, serve as a comforting and supportive piece for those who feel as confused and lost as she have been.