Three's A Crowd?

Designing for a Polyamorous Future

Image of three people laying in bed

Photography: Michelle Rui

Designers Timothy Liu, Chris Cooper & Dasha Tsapenko formed the HIS, HIS & HERS Collective after meeting in university and falling in love. They slowly realised that services and products are hard to come by for a trio. In their project, they question why, in a world that's becoming more open and accepting of personal choices, are we still faced with the taboo surrounding polyamory?

HIS, HIS & HERS Collective


We are three designers: Chris Cooper, Timothy Liu and Dasha Tsapenko. We studied and graduated social design together at Design Academy Eindhoven, brought ever closer by our understanding of the world and our relationship to it, and to each other. We have worked together over this period, gaining unified skills that will help us to understand and physicalise the concept and outcome of this project, and to formulate a way of dealing with such needs. Having a team in conceptual design, speculative design and architecture, we believe we are able not only to tackle the topic and raise discussions in the above-mentioned fields, but also to offer alternatives.