Youth Mentoring and Empowerment

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Photography: courtesy of Creative Collective

Documentary Filmmaker and founder of Creative Collective, Emilia Gill shares with us her background and experience of education and what led her to start up Creative Collective, a mentorship scheme which aims to help young people begin a career in the creative sector. She discusses the problems with conventional learning in creative industries and how there should be alternative options for young people to learn about how to work in these types of areas; through connecting and knowledge sharing to encourage diversity and inclusivity in the process.


You can watch the interview here.


~Interview conducted by Jemma Queenborough

Emilia Gill


Emilia Gill, 26 is from Brighton and has been living in London for the last 8 years. She is a Crime Documentary Producer and the Founder of the Creative Collective. Previously she has worked in the charity sector and went freelance in documentary making about 3 years ago.