Issue #1 - Inclusivity, Open-source & Accessibility

September 2020


Issue 1 brings together a collection of practitioners from different backgrounds to discuss their practices relating to inclusive,

open-source and accessible topics. With exclusive content and personal stories we get an insight into the future of inclusive thinking amongst the different worlds of health care, fashion, technology, product design, performance and education.


Bloody Disgrace,

Jesse Adler

Functional Design,

Camila Chiriboga

Autonomy in the Age of Accessibility,

Katie Brown

Have You Spoken to Everyone Your Technology Affects ?,

Rachel Foley

Addressing Microagression,

Renée Mes

Re-education: Period.,

Well Woman Project


Porn, Sex & Art,

Hot Local Artists


Spotlight On: ANNE+,

Renée Mes

Meeting Everyone's Needs,

Alex Cleator

I [object] + You [human] = We,

Pleun van Dijk &

Michèle Degen

Hungry for Change,

Emily Boxall

The Bearded Drag Queen of Cardiff,

Nemesis Repulsa

Unfit to Live,

Dimitry Suzana

Reshaping Sex-Ed,

Split Banana