Issue #2 - Identity, December 2020

Image of the front cover for issue 2

This year has provided us with many unprecedented and unexpected challenges already, but for many, a global pandemic and most certainly, lockdown and isolation, has made us more aware of what is happening in the world. How has our identity shifted after a global pandemic? With so many people having to readjust to new living measures, has this shift altered the way in which we interact with each other; has this changed how we view ourselves? How do we present ourselves to others, in person or online? Does our identity mean something new in 2020?


Image of a set of objects in a tool kit

iel, Beyond the Gender Binary?

Carla Donati

Notes On - Objects of Desire: WIP

Pleun van Dijk

The Shift: From Blindess Towards Light of Discrimination

- Paula Chang

What do we talk about when we talk about Anxiety

- Marine Renaudineau

A Hybrid Stool: Identity in an Intricate Present

- Gabriele Lorusso

The 'Exotic Experience' 

- Lucy Rowan

Retracing Eden; Ideal Beauties 

- Gabriel L. Gooch Blanco

Three's A Crowd?Designing for a Polyamorous Future

- HIS, HIS & HERS Collective

Exploring Feminist Theory & Feminist Architecture

- Jessie Buckle


The Disappearing Innocents of a World in Crisis

- Sammi Drew

Ndebele Superhero 

- Zana Masombuka

People & Place

- Lois O'Hara

Image of a woman with a tattoo

Womxn Living in a Male Social Media World 

- Zaya

Holy Fuck: Exploring the 7 Futures of Sex

- Jeanneke Scholtens

Curating Identity: An interview with Maria McLintock

- Maria McLintock


The Techno Venus

- Julie Patard


- Gabriela Chojnacki


- Genesis Adewole

Inclusive Reviews

- incl. Team