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The True

A young bearded person with purple hair and pink eye shadow naked curled up together

Image courtesy of Max Hovey

As a content creator, Max has had his fair share of the ups and downs of social media. He takes us through his journey of self discovery, finding his true self and what led him to use his large social media following to discuss issues linked to body positivity, mental health and loving who you are. He is also the creator of the online community Happy Smiley Blog which encourages guest writers and interviewees to discuss about self-love, self-acceptance, mental health acceptance and queer awareness.

A person with purple hair standing in front of a green building wearing a green suit and a white top

Max Hovey


Writer, creator and activist who uses his large social media following and influence to promote and discuss LGBTQI+, mental health and body positivity. He runs the online community Happy Smiley Blog, that is encouraging people to help make the world a better place, one story at a time.




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